Protech Business Solutions +

Protech Business Solutions Plus Inc. is there to help with any technical publications or graphic design needs. Our flexible team, has strong expertise in various technical fields, as:

  • Rail Transportation
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Energy
  • Recreational Products
  • And others…

Our strength is to adapt to the reality of our customers, offering the best solution to meet their needs, for small or big projects. We can adapt to the customer schedules by building custom teams or by balancing our existing team.

We can author a wide variety of content, ranging from descriptions, procedures, troubleshooting, maintenance plan, translations, and much more. We specialize in writing and translating in English and French but can offer other languages upon request.

As every customer is different, we are used to adapt to every tool and standard used, like S1000D, ATA100/2200, DITA, XML, unstructured document (Word/FrameMaker…), etc.

Same goes for graphic design. Our capabilities range from picture editing, to full blown 3D animations, and everything in the middle.

We also offer the flexibility to work from our offices or directly at the customer site, in Canada or in the United States.

We bring the human touch back in Technical Publications, always available to discuss with our customers to address concerns.

About Us

Jean-Philippe Croteau is Vice President of the Technical Publications division. With almost 20 years experience in technical publications, he worked with a multitude of customers is various fields. His focus is customer satisfaction to build a long-term relationship.